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Story Construction by Nursery students of Early Years G.K Delhi

Annual Day Celebrations of Early Years Golf Course Road, Gurugram

Grandparents Day celebrations at EY Greater Kailash on January 30, 2018

Grandparents Day celebrations at EY Orchid Petals Gurgaon on January 30, 2018

Republic Day celebrations @ EY Hemant Colony, Greater Kailash

EY wins best Pre School in Gurgaon by Education World Survey

Pathways Early Years Orchid Petals won an award this year for being the best Pre-schools in Gurgaon (category) by Education World Survey. The school was felicitated at 8th Early Childhood Education National Conference, organized by Education World, held on January 20, 2018 in Bangalore, India.

Pic Title – Ms. Reena Singh, Principal Early Years Orchid Petals Gurgaon and Mr. Jimmy Eappen, Academic Program & Centre Development Head Early Years received the award on the behalf of EY

Christmas Carnival @ EY Orchid Petals, Gurgaon

Christmas Carnival @ EY Orchid Petals, Gurgaon

Early Years Tops Pre School Ranking in Gurgaon by Brainfeed Survery

Early Years chain of Pre Schools got rewarded amongst top Preschool ranking in Gurgaon region by Brainfeed survey team on 9th Dec ,2017 at Le meridian Delhi.

Christmas Celebrations @ EY Greater Kailash

Christmas Celebrations @ EY Golf Course Road Gurgaon

Pre-nursery children of Pathways Early Years, Greater Kailash went on a field trip to Golden Tulips Hotel, Gurgaon.

As a part of learning and exposure, the children visited the bakery and saw how the cookies are baked. The children helped the baker bake the cookies and tasted them too. As a token of love and appreciation, the hotel gave certificate of "Junior Chef Award" to our children.

"What a Wonderful World" an exhibiton at Pathways Early Years, Greater Kailash

The world is made of different materials that can be explored to understand the interaction between the natural world and interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities. The exhibition showcased the Universe we live in, the community helpers and their roles and the various modes of transportation.

Early Years Gold Course Road organized a coffee session with Parents

Pathways GCR organized a coffee session for the parents with our new principal Ms.Noni Vyas.
It was an interactive and informative exchange of ideas about - Appropriate Early Learning practices, Perception of Image of the child, Enviornment as a third teacher, Learning Centers and Making Learning Visible. The Session reflected our understanding of current research and theory in Early Childhood Development.
Parents participated in some hand on experiences and highly appreciated our practices.
Here are some of the comments from the parents.

Pre Nursery Parent and Me - 2017-18

It was lovely to have the Pre-Nursery parents come and spend some time with us in the class. The children were excited with the fact that their parents were invited to the class, and be a part of their day to day learning. The parents engaged themselves beautifully with their children. They were a part of the circle time where they all sang rhymes with their child. Enthusiastic parents even lined up to attend the sessions conducted by our Specialists. They were seen dancing with Ms. Kripi in the dance room, mesmerized with Ms. Shazia’s story telling based on ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and running as well participating in all games led by our PE teachers. It was nice to see their happy faces at the end of the day.

Father’s Day Celebration, Orchid Petals

Pathways early years Orchid Petals celebrated Father's Day is a unique style by celebrating it in the Rapid Metro Gurgaon on 8th July 2017. It was an event held to honour fathers and celebrating fatherhood and paternal bonds. Father is always seen as the Hero figure for every child. The registration was done on the basis of father and child selfie pictures sent to confirm their metro ride. Also to make this first experience to be more memorable and meaningful, pictures were given as a takeaway for the children to remember this fun filled day. The Metro ride was for 40 minutes which was packed with fun filled activities and full of father child bonding games. For most of the children it was their first ride on the metro which gave them an altogether new experience.

Mother’s Day celebration @ Greater Kailash

The quote by Alex Haley says it all “Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”

I am a Story Teller @Orchid Petals

Stories kindle our imagination….
Stories are an inseparable part of our formative years.
We have grown up on stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents and other elders in the family.
Stories are about characters that transform through a journey.
During our ongoing theme “STORIES” our little angles of Nursery became cute story tellers.
The children came dressed in their favourite characters and narrated the story around it. It was amazing to watch children showcase their skills in this tender age while also putting across all the 5 essential elements which makes the story interesting, meaningful and a great source of learning. Take a glance at the beautiful pics…..

Grandparents Day celebration @ Golf Course Road

The quote by Alex Haley says it all “Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”

Republic Day @ Greater Kailash

Children celebrating the spirit of Republic Day at Pathways Early Years, Greater Kailash-1.

Grandparents Day Celebration @ Greater Kailash

"Blessed are those who snuggle and hug…..spoil and pamper…..boast and brag….for they shall be called Grandparents." Grandparents are amongst the most wonderful relations in the life of every person. They give unconditional love and care to their grandchildren, which never fades with the passage of time. We can feel the warmth and affection of our grandparents when they embrace us. The innate and undying love can be clearly reflected through their eyes. Grandparents are the ones who are responsible for passing on wisdom, values, and principles, from generation to generation, to help the youngsters lead a better and more fulfilling life. We have gathered here today to honour such grateful people.

Children at Pathways Early Years, Greater Kailash-1 celebrated Grandparents day at school.

Story telling by Grandparents @Orchid Petals

Venue: Pathways Early Years (Orchid Petals)
Stories begin to look and sound so much better when narrated by grandparents don’t they?? With respect to the upcoming event of Grand Parents’ Day we invited some enthusiastic grandparents to come and narrate some stories to our children and their friends. Children showed their love and admiration towards dadi , dadu, nani, nanu with warm hugs and smiles. All in all it was an exhilarating experience.

Grandparents Day celebration @ Orchid Petals

Grandparents are the precious stalwarts of our families and are instrumental in shaping the very fabric of our lives. They lead us to the right path, holding our hands at every step, encouraging us in our tough times, inspiring us to be the best and forever being the “Wind beneath our Wings” What better way could there be for our little ones to express their love, respect and gratitude towards them than on a day especially dedicated to them!! A day when the grandparents are the Guests of Honour and are felicitated rightly so. The Grandparents Day celebration by the school is a humble way, taught to the students, for letting their grandparents know their irreplaceable role in our lives. The event saw grandparents having a wonderful time, especially bonding and connecting with their grandchild as if they were one of them. They experienced the thrill from the games played like dumbsharads, fireless cooking and the songs they heard and danced to the melodious tunes.

Vibgyor at Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road

We organized a musical and dance event -“Vibgyor” At Pathways Early Years Golf Course Road to showcase the talent of our little children of Daycare.

Halloween and Diwali Celebrations at Pathways early Years, Greater Kailash

Children of Pathways Early Years, Greater Kailash celebrated the essence of diversity through the inclusion of Halloween celebrations on October 27th and a Diwali Fest on October 28th. They learnt about diversity through play, including music, clothing, foods, games and other celebrations. It helped them foster positive self-regard in one's own culture and positive attitudes toward the culture of others. It was amazing to see the happiness and smiles on the faces of Children, Parents and everyone at our Diwali Fest. It was also a proud moment for all of us seeing our little children dancing with confidence and bringing smiles to everyone around. A special thank you to all the parents who supported the event by putting up the stalls. Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, friends and families for coming out there and making it such a great and memorable event. Since Diwali signifies spreading of light and hope around, the proceeds from this event were put towards a charitable cause.

Fun Fiesta: Pathways Early years, Golf Course Road

A Fun fiesta “SPECTRUM” was organized at Pathways Early Years Golf Course Road before the Diwali break. Different stalls of Tattoos, Pottery, Rangoli, Diya decoration along with mouthwatering food stalls were put up. Promoter Director Mr. Praveen Jain also graced the occasion with his presence and encouraged the team. All our children and parents came together to enjoy the festivity.

Moon Day Festival: Pathways Early Years (Orchid Petals)

Pathways Early Years at Orchid Petals recently celebrated the moon day festival, a popular festival from China and Japan. All our Chinese and Japanese parents and students enthusiastically participated in this festival.
Each class ushered in the parents and gave them a card with gifts as a token of togetherness. Parents also shared the history behind these festivities.

It was truly pleasing to see our Parents take out their valuable time to present and share this festival with the students.

Some beautiful moments captured at Hemkunt Colony (Greater Kailash)

"The transition into early care and education is a significant event for children and for their parents and it is common for children and parents to display a range of emotions during this process. I am very happy and proud to share that all the children in our Pathways Early Years, Hemkunt Colony centre (Greater Kailash) have settled in so well. They are enjoying all the activities in the company of their peers and teachers. They are developing a sense of belonging and understanding of the routines at school. I would like to thank all the parents for allowing the children and us to settle in. It feels amazing to see the children coming in with huge smiles and walk with confidence. Some days are rough for a child but the love, care and support they get from the teachers is building on their joys and breaking down their fears." Ms Shafaq Shafi Bhat (Principal)

Bid adieu to the king of fruits: ‘MANGO’ at Orchid Petals

To familiarize the children of Pathways Early Years Orchid Petals with the King of Fruits (Mango), we organized a Mango Party. Dressed in different shades of Yellow, children were introduced to different varieties of the fruit such as Dussehri, Safeda, Chausa , Kesari, Pairi, Alphanso and Langda. Children were also introduced to mango made products like jellies, juices, ice cream, Aam panna and pickle. Teachers educated children about the health benefits of mangoes whilst preparing mango shakes with children. Toddlers were also involved in mixing ice cream with mango pulps which helped them in differentiating the taste of mango and ice-cream. Children were made to watch Mango themed videos.

Independence Day celebration at Golf Course Road

A very colorful Independence Day was celebrated with lots of enthusiasm at Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road.
The celebrations started with dance performances from our little stars followed by the flag hoisting by our principal Ms. Monica Mukherjee.
Children were also served a tricolor breakfast on the special occasion.

Pathways early Years among top 10 reliable day care centers in Gurgaon

We are pleased to share that Pathways Early Years have been listed in the Top 10 Reliable day care centers in Gurgaon by The Champa Tree. The Champa Tree is an online portal on motherhood, parenting tips, baby & child care, recipes, activities for kids and more. Pls click on the below link to view all the rankings.

The survey talked about How to choose best play school or day care for your child and also took into consideration other aspects like approach and the pedagogy that the schools follow.

For further details on the survey pls click here (hyper link this :

Graduation day celebration @ Pathways Early Years, Orchid Petals

AS THE CLASS NURSERY OF 2016 MOVES ON ……We wish them well……
Each child is special and unique and the journey of learning is unending…… AS THE FIRST PHASE ENDS a new journey begins… We have enjoyed this amazing journey with our little ones and are happy to see them GROW and Go!
This special moment of Graduation was celebrated at Pathways with the Pre-nursery students singing a song of good bye for Nursery. Mannat from Nursery gave a “Thank you!” speech to the Pre-nursery students. Jaynil sang a song for teachers followed by the ceremony of distributing certificates and Graduation hats by our Principal Ms. Reena Singh

One World Day @ PEY GCR

Showcasing the true essence of Pathways, One World Day was celebrated at PEY, Golf Course Road on 4th March, 2016.

Since the inception of Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road children from ten different nationalities. The event was organized to celebrate diversity of cultures and respect for dissimilarities.

Parents and children participated in various activities organized highlighting each country.

The environment was reverberating with joy and excitement.

Grandparents Day @ GCR

Toddlers at PEY, Golf Course Road celebrated their special bond with Grandparents on 24th February, 2016. The enthusiasm was spectacular as the the whole environment reverberated with songs, rhymes and laughter. 'Tum jiyo hazaron saal, saal ke din ho pachas hazaar' sung by a grandmother stole the show.

2nd Annual Day @ Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road

The year saw three major events to make learning visible to parents and community at PEY, Golf Course Road. Annual Day celebration ‘We share our planet with all’ was the grand finale on 5th December, 2015 at Pathways School Gurgaon.

Children shared their thoughts and reflections about how we share our planet with humans, animals and plants, also suggested ways of looking after of our beloved Earth.

It was a complete in house production, script was a compilation of children’s observations and songs sung by them. Two art forms were Aboriginal and Warli art were introduced to children during the session which was exhibited and much appreciated by guests and parents. Parent participation contributed to decorations of the venue in form of ‘Koinobori kites’. These were fabricated by parents during ‘Everyday Chronicles’ event at PEY, GCR.

Children from all levels dressed up vibrantly in their school jerseys received bountiful applaud from all for their mesmerizing performances.

Spreading Christmas Cheer @ Golf Course Road

Spreading Christmas Cheer, Anya, of our nursery class at Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road. Can Santa be far behind?!

Story telling

Story telling is the oldest form of education. It is necessaryfor enriching vocabulary, encouraging imagination and building a path to understanding concepts and most importantly these days is patience! Hence essential no matter what age. We had a story telling session in our story corner for our toddlers sections. We did two very famous stories from the old classic ones to the new contemporary’s one. Firstly was the “ant and the grasshopper” from Aesops fable and secondly was “the hungry caterpillar” by Eric Carle. The stories were narrated with flash cards so as to make it more realistic, fun and attractive for the children and moreover easy for them to understand the concepts. The vocabulary that we focused on was:

Summer, winter, ant, grasshopper, food Caterpillar, butterfly, apple, pears, plum, strawberry, orange, leaf, cocoon, numbers (1-5)

Everyday Chronicles at PEY, Golf Course Road

In continuation with making learning visible, ‘Everyday Chronicles’ was organized for parents on 17th October, 2015 at PEY, Golf Course Road.

An academic year has learning units which are theme based. Age appropriate information is imparted through curriculum, which comprises of lesson plans and activities. Learning areas like library, outdoor play area, loose parts and clay area are an integral part to achieve developmental objectives.
While participating in these engagements there are stories that children weave, imagine and create while going through the process of learning. These pearls of knowledge are dropped by children all over, in the environment.

This particular event hasbeen inspired by a story narrative event that takes place in Reggio Emilia, titled Reggionara.

During this event children’s reflection are collected from different schools, put together creatively in a story form and presented to community by teachers and parents. Stories from Pathways Early Years were shared with parents.

The event had two parts, after the presentation parents participated in making Koinobori kites, ‘carp streamer’
in Japanese, carp-shaped windsocks traditionally flown in Japan.

A traditional calendrical event-Children's Day. That's when children thank their parents for the care they
give them and parents celebrate the healthy growth of their children. The flags are shaped like carp
because carp are very strong fish and can jump high out of the water.

These wind socks are made by drawing carp patterns on paper, cloth or other nonwoven fabric. They are
then hung outside houses by families to flutter in the wind.
Parents enthusiastically made these kites with a message written on each kite, which will be displayed
on Annual Day as a part of decorations.

Navtej Utsav @Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Raod

Lighting up the festive spirit of Diwali, Pathways Early Years celebrated NAVTEJ UTSAV on 29th October, 2015 with great fervor and enthusiasm. Exciting activities were organized for our little children, teachers and parents.
Mouthwatering Cupcakes, Bhel Puri and Cheese Crackers with toppings was a hit with one and all… stuff like Diya decoration, Tattoo, Face painting, Hair beading.
To go with the sartorial spirit of the coming festive season, fashion clothes for children & parents were also displayed and sold
A great bonding event for the Extended Pathways Family!!!

DANDIYA UTSAV @ Pathways EARLY YEARS Orchid Petals


Festivals are soooooo much fun....the spirits soar and the joie de vivre of the festive seasonsdances to their tune .. to ring in the festive season of Dushera & Navaratra a Dandiya Utsav was organized by Pathways Early Years, Orchid Petals. All mothers were invited to don their traditional attire and bring in their friends and family to celebrate this with some dandiya dances. The event saw some awesome performances by teachers and mothers and most important .. OUR LITTLE ONES !

Nursery Exhibition @ GCR

The Hundred Languages-Exhibition by class Nursery students @PEY, Golf Course Road

With the objective of making learning visible to all stakeholders, an exhibition by class Nursery students was organised on 26th September, at Pathways School Gurgaon. Children’s thoughts, reflections and art work was put on display of each child. Each child shared his/her multiple stories of learning and reflections with his/her parents and family with the help of teachers during allocated time slots.

A first of its kind exhibition in India for such young children is the culmination of six months of probing, observation and documentation.

The event was enthusiastically received and applauded by everyone. Parents, family members and friends were overwhelmed to see the gamut of display and the hard work gone in creating such a magnificent showcase.

The whole atmosphere is full of energy and happy squeals. The highlight for us was when Anvee said, ‘I am proud of me’.
Ms. Arti (Avnee’s mother)

It is amazing to see the myriad experiences that our child is taken through at school, their interesting observation & the ease and love of their teachers.
Ms. Reena (Anya’s mother)

Each child is naturally born to be brilliant! We parent also need to have hundred ears to not miss out on any of their expressions.
Ms. Ayako (Kai’s mother)

Independence Day Celebration @ Orchid Petals

At Pathways Early Years, Orchid Petals, we celebrated our 69th Independence Day by hoisting the flag followed by the national anthem. Cultural programmes were organised for all age group children and parents of Toddlers were invited to see their children perform on the tunes of patriotic songs and dances. Children of Nursery Grade spoke about our freedom fighters. The parents had a great time and enjoyed celebrating such a momentous day with their children.

Independence Day Celebrations @ Golf Course Road

A special assembly was organized to celebrate Independence Day on 14th August, 2015. Relevant information about the same was imparted through various means like stories, role play, AV sessions, music and dance activities throughout the month. Crafts were created by children which were used to decorate school to mark the occasion. Children learnt and practiced on patriotic songs. Tri-colour cold cooking was also done by children. The final day presentation by our young patriots was remarkable.

Go Green event @Orchid Petals

This week at Early Years Pathways Orchid Petal,we continued with unit ‘Plants’ and introduced ‘What do plants give to living beings’

It started with group discussion on what plants give. Children were shown PPT, which was followed bythe field trip to Palamfarms. At the farm children explored nature and learnt about plants. Children saw various fruits and vegetables viz pomegranate,guava,lemon,bottle gourd, bitter gourd,ridge gourd. Later,they reflected their learning by sorting and sticking the fruits and vegetables on their basket. Finally, they made fruit salad which they relished.

Child Sexual Abuse Workshop for parents @ Park Place, Gurgaon

As a part of creating awareness among all stake holders related to important issues around parenting young children, a workshop on child sexual abuse was organised at Park Place, Golf course road, Gurgaon by Pathways Early Years.

The session was interactive, where the trainer Ms. Nikta from School of Life, spoke about the concern from different perspectives such as social and legal. The parents shared their personal experiences and also sought for Ms. Nikita's expert advice about critical aspects such as what is the right age of a child when a parent can start talking about it and what should be the first reaction if one comes across such a situation.

The discussion went on for three hours covering all possible ways of securing a safe environment for children. The gathering dispersed with a common consensus that timely education of children and vigilance on our part is the key to avoid such heinous incidents.

Field trip to Plants Nursery @ PEY, Golf Course Road

Plants are a life sustaining resource and we must protect them, is the enduring understanding of the current unit-Plants for class Nursery. Keeping in sync with this a visit to plants nursery was organised for children on 23rd July, 2015.

Children are being encouraged to adopt a plant and look after it as a part of the unit in order to make them responsible and aware about these life giving resources. During the visit children learnt about different kinds of plants and their needs to grow.

They were shown flower and fruit bearing plants along with shrubs, herbs and creepers. Children bought some saplings, planted them in school and pledged to look after them.

Eid celebration @ PEY, Golf Course Road

Making children familiar with diverse cultural celebrations and instilling universal values of brotherhood and open mindedness is a key objective we have at Pathways Early Years.

All three learning levels participated in week long activities such as art and craft, music and dance with great enthusiasm. ‘Sewian’ was served as a special snack marking the day. A special assembly was organized on 17th July, 2015 to make children aware about Eid celebrations promoting living in harmony with each other.

All children participated in special assembly, sang and danced with their peers and teachers. A special thanks to Jyoti ma’am and Ashish sir for preparing children for such special occasions with their teachers

Popcorn making activity - Reinforcement of five senses @Early Years Pathways, Orchid Petals

It was a pleasure to welcome children after the summer break. This week we continued with our inquiry of senses through a learning engagement.

The recapitulation of the functions of all the five senses was experienced by the children through an exciting Popcorn Making activity. While cooking the popcorns they could hear and see the popcorns popping, smell, touch, and taste them too. Children were made to understand that each and every sense organ is important in its own way and hence all of them are equally important to lead a healthy and normal life.

Pottery Training Workshop for Teachers @ Golf Course Road

In our continuous endeavour to provide quality learning experiences for children, teachers undergo training relentlessly. One such training was organised for teachers at Golf Course Road to enhance pottery skills of teachers on 3rd July, 2015.

Ms. Neha Mehrotra, Senior Lecturer at Community and Regional planning department, College of Design at Iowa State University in Ames took a ‘Pottery training workshop’ for teachers.

Pottery has always been an important learning tool for children because of it’s sensory attribute. It is now being acknowledged and extensively practised for early years age groups at large.

Simple yet extremely effective techniques were introduced to teachers to make clay an interesting means of learning for young children. In Ms. Mehrotra’s words complete early years curriculum can be methodically derived out of pottery activities.

The final product table was overcrowded with artefacts created by teachers. All are eagerly waiting for children to come and experience the same thrill they did during this short duration.

Our heartfelt thanks to Ms. Mehrotra for conducting this outstanding session for teachers.

Day care summer fun @ PEY, Golf course road

Mornings are exciting as children at day care program play outdoors, walking barefoot on cool green grass, crawling through the tunnel, running up and down the small hillock, exploring the maze and chasing butterflies gives them ample opportunities to learn from environment their 3rd teacher.

Learning concepts, numeracy and literacy exercises, some colouring and painting, clay moulding, with stories being read out by teachers add to the fun during day.

Children eagerly participate in dance and music sessions, quiet reading time in library makes the summers more colourful.

Summer Camp at Orchid Petals

“Journey around the world”

What a fun filled SUMMER CAMP it was with the theme of ‘Journey around the world’. Children met Aladdin, Ginne, Mogli, Tikki Tikki Tembo and many more friends during their adventurous journey. They were familiarized with countries like China, Japan, Egypt and India during these two weeks.

The children got indulged in activities like dance, speech, music and drama sessions related to the camp’s theme. They were also engaged in making various craft articles, playing games and storytelling sessions.

Children were taken to Pathways World School, Aravali for FIELD TRIP on 22nd May’15, wherein they enjoyed the swimming pool activity as well as clay based activity. Due to a small teacher-student ratio, the children received individual attention. Parents appreciated the summer camp a lot and were happy to see their children having fun while learning new things.

The summer camp ended with a showcase where in all the children exhibited their crafts. Each child received a certificate and took home the crafts made by them on the last day of camp.

Summer Camp @ Golf Course Road

“A Journey on the Magic Carpet”

Summer Camp was a joyful celebration at ‘Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road’ for two weeks from 18th May-29th May 15.

This time Aladin, Handa, Mogly and Heidi decided to tell their stories to children and took them along for a journey around the world. They flew over jungles of Asia, crossed Sahara desert, climbed Alps and frolicked in African waters. Music, dance and drama of these regions thrilled them. Children prepared cheese fondue and relished exotic fruits.

A magician from Arabia enchanted them with his tricks and a potter from streets of India helped them to create their very own magic lamp.

Children actively took part in drama sessions, weaved story, with music and dance to put up a final performance. The art work created during these two weeks was also exhibited. A slice of this journey was presented through the drama presentation ‘Magic Carpet’ to the proud parents and family on the final day.

“ Children are made readers on the laps of their parents” - Emille Buchwald

Last week was very special as we were seeing off kids for summer vacation. We thought what better gift than giving a “Reading habit” to our little ones while they relax in their holidays.

A Book Fair was organised at Early Years Pathways, Orchid Petals on 15th May 2015. More than 1500 books were exhibited by ‘Page by Page’ and ‘National Book Trust’. Educational kits by ‘Wonder Boxx’ and ‘EveryKid’ were also made available. Parents participated in the activity along with their little ones who keenly picked up books and kits of their choices.

To ensure that kids are engaged, we got them into a craft activity of making book marks. Children came out with a lot of creative book marks, which all parents were very happy carrying it along.

We received a positive feedback from parents and societies in the neighborhood.

Sense of taste- Gustatory Sense @Early Years Pathways, Orchid Petals

This week we continued with our inquiry - ‘Use of senses’ to understand and make connections with our surroundings’. Focus of the week was sense of taste (Gustatory).

Children were given opportunities to stimulate their gustatory sense through various engagements. They were given an experience of tastes like salt, sugar, sour and bitter. They also made lemonade by adding lemon to water, then added a pinch of salt and then sugar. They tasted the water at each stage of preparation and identified the taste.

Gustatory corner was set up in the class which comprised food items of different tastes like cookies, honey, chips, fruit, curd etc.

Later sense of taste was reinforced through a story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Children also made their own Gingerbread man and tasted which turned out to be great fun.

Health check up by Doctor Parent @ Golf Course Road

As this centuries old saying goes, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, the role of various components in a social set up to make this happen cannot be under mined.

At Pathways Early Years, focus is given on providing opportunities and learning experiences which are not only joyful but make children, life-long learners. This cannot be done without support from parents and extended community.

We have a well aware and learned parent body which agrees with our philosophy and ethos!

Parent support and contribution, facilitate in achieving the objectives of complete and holistic early years for children.

In order to strengthen this bond further Dr. Ritu Garg mother of Kaira Garg very generously agreed to do a complete health check- up for all students.

As a part of the complete body check-up height and weight of all children were measured & checked if it is within normal growth range as per WHO (World Health Organization). Other area of examinations were- Nails, Gums & Teeth, Hair, Neck and Ear. A health check- up form with Doctor’s observation along with WHO child growth chart was duly sent.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. Garg for her contribution towards school-parent partnership!

My responsibility towards myself and others

As a part of current unit ‘Myself’ children at PEY, Golf Course Road, explored ‘my responsibility towards myself and others’ as pathways to understanding.
Enquiry was led by children through discussions and reflections related to the same. Activities such as brushing teeth, combing hair to maintain personal hygiene were done. Teachers also encouraged children to keep their surroundings neat and clean.
Field trips to eye hospital and dentist were organized for Pre-Nursery children and Toddlers. Doctors conducted basic check-up and shared ways of eye and oral hygiene with children.
Class Nursery children went to a super mart, bought articles related to personal care. This was followed up by activities in class room learning of health and hygiene care.

Group- Toddlers
Theme- My Body

This week at Early Years Pathways Orchid Petal, we continued with the theme ‘My body’. The focus of the theme was introduction to neck, shoulders, arms, elbow, hands, fingers and stomach through AV show, flash cards and mirror activity. Later children were asked to wipe out the called body parts with their handkerchief.

Book Fair @ Golf Course Road

We might be living in a time where computers and internet have become an important source and means of entertainment and knowledge, but nothing can replace the wonderful world of books which is still alive and well.

During the first few years of a child’s life, we are providing our little ones with different stimuli, developing love for reading through books being number one in our priority list! A primary educational tool and children, as little as a few months old, are fascinated by the colours and textures of a book

In order to extend this further Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road organized a BOOK FAIR on 25th April’15.

It was a delight to see parents and children both equally thrilled to enter the world of books. Children carried bags full of books requesting their parents to make some space for their tiny sized books and others promising that they will read all books during summer break.

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand, so rightly said by Neil Gaiman.

Here’s wishing happy reading to our young Pathwasians!!!

We all are similar yet Unique @ Orchid Petals

This week at Pathways Orchid Petal we continued with the unit ‘Me and about me’

With focus on understanding the concept of uniqueness, journey started by quizzing children to identify difference between the teachers in terms of their physical features – Short / Tall), fat / thin, length of hair ( small / big). Further, they were asked to identify the differences among peer group comparing boy vs boy; girl vs girl; boy vs girl and reflecting on the uniqueness of each.

Children compared two thumbprints with magnifying glass to understand the uniqueness in every thumb print. Finally, they made an outline image of their body with different shapes and used loose materials to make it unique. The concept was reinforced through a story ‘I am unique’.

Earth Day @ Golf Course Road

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.’

Earth Day is celebrated globally on 22nd April to create awareness about saving Earth and its resources.

Information was shared with children to enrich their understanding about ‘Earth Day’ and its relevance. Children made a visit to other classes and talked about ways to ‘Save Our Earth’ with each other. To spread awareness and display solidarity towards this cause our young Pathwasians also raised slogans. Children went for a nature walk, they collected dry leaves and twigs in a pit in the garden area for reusing it later as manure. Earth day crafts such as ‘old newspaper bags and tissue paper roll pencil stand’ were made by children to reinforce the concept of recycling.

Let’s follow these lines and conserve natural resources.

‘This old Earth needs our help
To make it nice, clean and green
We children will make it clean
Oh so clean and Oh so green’

I am Unique @ Orchid Petals

We are thrilled to welcome our Nursery students for the academic session 2015-2016 and look forward for an exciting year of learning and growth. Children gelled in very well in the new environment.

Children were tuned in to the theme “How I am similar, yet unique” by introducing themselves and sharing their likes and dislikes. They played many games to understand their capabilities. Later they did thumb printing to know that it is unique.

Education World Preschool Rankings - 2015

It is with great pride that we share with you that Pathways Early Years at Orchid Petals (Sector 49) has been ranked 3rd in Gurgaon by Education World magazine.

“We are always committed to providing the best quality education and conducive environment for overall development of the child.

It feels good to be recognized for our efforts so far.

This award encourages us to continue our pursuit of excellence in all the initiatives that we take in our school.” Ms reena Singh, Founder Principal,Pathways Early Years, Orchid Petals.

Early Years Pathways,OP -3rd Annual Day

Variety is the spice of life .Life without feasts and celebrations is dull and charmless.Same way celebrations add color and charm to school life .On the 21st march 2015 Early Years Pathways , Orchid Petals Gurgaon, celebrated its third annual day at PSGBaliawas.Nearly 300 parentsenjoyed seeing their children perform on stage with confidence, joy and enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to see people of all age gather to show their love,support and dedication to the school.

It was a day of thanksgiving to our enthusiastic parents for their participation in our theme “best out of waste”.They went out of their way and supported the theme with their project work.The work was displayedat the entrance of the hall.The morning started with welcome of chief guests,Mr Praveen Jain,CompanyDirector,MrsPramjit K Narang,Mentor for all the Early Years Centres,Mr Jimmy Eappan,Head by students with pots and welcome dance .Our toddlers dazzled the audience with their dance performance on “beautiful day”.In olden days children were seen but not heard.Today they have the right to be heard and expressed .But at times these rights are misinterpreted as license to express themselves in whatever way,in whichever words they choose.These inspirational and motivational thoughts on good manners compelled us to imbibe these values through a short story which was beautifully dramatized by our Pathwaysians.Music and songs filled the show.

The daysprogram concluded with a finale parade by the children. Principal, Ms. Reena Singh commenced with her vote of thanks. She addressed the gathering and applauded the efforts and extra ordinary performance of the school students and the faculty. She thanked her team and the parents for their support ,love and faith they had shown in the school.

All departed with a smile on their face and a big thank you on their lips.

Learning Story @ Orchid Petals

During free play, a child drew a big picture of a chocolate making machine and explained even the minute details. As an extended activity, chocolate making activity was organized for children wherein a parent took an initiative to show children how we get different shapes of chocolates.

They were allowed to taste the chocolate at every stage of making .Children enjoyed different fillings in it such as nuts and Juice.

Pre-Nursery children- library visit to PSG @ Golf Course Road

Stories are a key to the door of imaginative and creative learning. Children of class Pre-Nursery explored the Unit-Stories to identify and express their emotions and feelings through characters of different stories.

They took a trip to the library at Pathways School Gurgaon for an interactive story session ‘The Rainbow Fish’ conducted by ‘Centre Stage’ team. It was integrated with the ongoing theme ‘Stories’. A dramatic representation of story ‘Rainbow Fish’ with interesting props and thrilling interaction between story tellers and children; kept all actively engaged.

Children wore head bands of various sea creatures and participated in enactment with full enthusiasm. They were given shiny scales by story characters of Rainbow Fish which became their precious possession back home.

This story session developed their understanding of ‘sharing’ as the key to friendship and feeling happy. Library sessions encourage early literacy. It is a great place for children to develop love for books and reading. The children were encouraged to maintain the library discipline and at the same time enjoy the experience.

Thanks to our Centre Stage team for bringing this story to life.

Rail Museum Trip @ Golf Course Road

Class Nursery children from Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road had an excellent and productive field trip to National Rail Museum, New Delhi. The objective of the trip was to make children establish a real connection between the concepts taught and real life experiences. The parallels were drawn between how transport brings communities together from far and near through the unit ‘Transport’ being done currently.

The museum houses some of the rare models of train engines and coaches. The entire collection of the Delhi National Rail Museum, ranging over 150 years of the Indian railways, is exhibited in the open.

Children observed different types of train engines and coaches;

  • Steam engine, it made its journey from Mumbai to Thane for the first time in 1853
  • The vintage section of the museum houses the world's oldest locomotive in working condition, Vice regal Dining Car (1889)
  • The Prince of Wales Salon (1875)
  • Maharaja of Mysore's Salon (1899)
  • Maharaja of Baroda's Salon (1886)
  • The Fairy Queen (1855), said to be the best-preserved steam locomotive engines of its age

The museum had a special attraction for children in the form of a toy train that took them on a tour of the entire museum. In children’s words, “The ride was awesome!”

Holi Celebration @ Golf Course Road

A special assembly to mark the occasion of Holi the festival of colours was celebrated in school by all learning levels on Thursday, 5 March 2015. The children came dressed to school in traditional Indian attire and were very enthusiastic about participating in the celebrations.

Nursery and Pre-nursery students along with their teachers led the assembly by performing on a Holi song while the Toddlers joined inthe festivities spontaneously.

The highlight of the assembly for the children was ‘Playing HOLI’ with flower petals which they enjoyed immensely and was evident through their joyful expressions and wishing each other Happy Holi.

The children made Holi card to take home and enjoyed a special breakfast too.

Over the week age appropriate information about Holi was shared with children, the significance of Holi celebration of ‘Good over Bad’, through stories and discussions. Children were also told that Holi is also called the Spring Festival - as it marks the arrival of spring the season of hope and joy and end of winter.

The importance of using dry herbal/organic powder colours and to minimise the use of water and avoid wastage was also emphasised upon.

Grandparents Picnic @ Golf Course Road

As somebody said, “Grandparents are a bridge of love from past to present and into the future”. There is no denying the fact that their love for grandchildren is unconditional and endless. This was so much evident today, when they sang, danced, told a story and did everything that they were requested to during ‘passing the parcel’.

Their enthusiastic presence and participation was priceless!

We thank them for the effort and contribution in creating these precious memories.

It was a real pleasure to have them over!

Annual Day @ Golf Course Road

The first Annual day of Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon was celebrated at Pathways School Gurgaon on 20th December, 2014.

The theme was ‘Celebrations’. Celebrations are an ongoing part of Pathways Early Years curriculum. Children are made aware of these magical events that keep us close to our traditions, family and friends. They help us to preserve our culture and promote communal harmony. These not only encourage children to appreciate and respect all cultures but also lead them to become open minded global citizens.

Our young Pathwaysians took us around the world to witness some of the popular celebrations and found out what is needed for a happy celebration.

They identified that the most crucial element of a celebration is ‘people’, the discovery that everything else can be compensated for but nothing can replace ‘people’.

In each celebration an essential component was missing which is otherwise considered paramount, without dampening the positivity, essence and spirit of the celebration.

Strengthening the belief that it is not MATERIAL things like decorations, food, music, dance and clothes but PEOPLE coming TOGETHER that make a true celebration.

It was indeed a beautiful presentation which left the audience enthralled and applauding the young stars for their amazing performance!

Family Picnic @ Pathways School Gurgaon

A family picnic is a great way to spend some quality and fun time with your family and friends.

What could be better than a day spent in the school with friends, parents and teachers all together! The air was full of energy and excitement. The event was organised with the objective of providing an opportunity to parents to share the gusto and verve with which children participate in school activities.

The day began with the story of ‘Ginger Bread Man’ – a puppet show. The story was enacted in an interactive way to ensure children’s participation.Cold cooking and painting, associated activities were done to create Ginger Bread Man.

Later everyone had a good timeduring music and dance session.

The team spirit of families was remarkable during sports activities. All enthusiastically participated in ball, balloons and rope games. ‘Tug of war’ turned out as high point of the event.

Sometimes it is important to take a break from the routine and spend time with our loved ones to create memories for life. A day well spent!

Expressing through Stories at Golf Course Road

Stories have long been a medium to learn, develop and express ideas, feelings and art. The current unit at Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road, ‘How we express ourselves’ has been giving an opportunity to children of class Nursery to express their emotions & feelings.

Children explored and discovered the world of fantasy, reality and emotions through stories, music and dance. It helped them to establish connection between different feelings and different art forms. These experiences stimulate their minds and imagination, enhances social, communication and self-management skills and thus becomes an integral part of growing up.

Different interesting stories were enacted in interactive ways to ensure children’s participation. It was a learning for the kids clubbed with fun. Varieties of fun filled activities were organized for children such as story puzzles, circle time games and Show and Tell. Learning at its creative best.

Experiencing the natural habitat: Orchid Petals

This week at Pathways Orchid Petals, we continued with the unit 'Animals'. To start with, we created a farm corner in the class displaying the cut outs, pictures and models of the farm animals and their characteristics. To help the children relate and have firsthand experience with nature and farm animals, we took children on a field trip to ‘Ticklli Farms. There they saw a cow, calf, buffalo, goat, hen and chick in their natural habitat. They also sensitised themselves to the village folks, their dwellings and surroundings. Later, they reflected their observation and understanding through drawings and pasting the cut outs of animals they saw.

Seasons @ Orchid Petals

Seasons play an important role in our life and it is essential for the kids to understand this wonderful cycle of summer,rains, winter and spring. Seasonal changes are important for the proper growth and development of plants and animals. Dramatization on ‘I am the best season’ was done to show the importance of all seasons in our life. With four seasons being enacted by four teachers,it was a learning for the kids clubbed with fun.

The main essence of learnings were - Seasons make our lives more interesting and they help nature to stay in balance too.They are created by two very important events – the rotation of the Earth that gives us day and night, and the rotation of the Earth around the sun that gives us our year. Now because the sun never changes, only the movement of the Earth creates changes in light and darkness, and in temperature.

Summers are important as we get good source of heat energy and we can enjoy swimming, eating cold things as ice-cream to keep our body cool. During summers we wear cotton clothes, shorts, goggles, caps. Winters bring cold weather and get relief from hot summers. During winters we wear jackets, woollen caps, gloves, long boots, drink hot soup and hot chocolate milk to keep our body warm and enjoy sun bath.

Spring brings pleasant weather and lots of colourful flowers blooming, new birds chirping around, eggs hatching. In rainy season we use umbrella, wear raincoat and gumboots, enjoy playing in mud puddles and eating pakodas.

Hence all the seasons are equally important and make this world a beautiful place to live in.

Family Picnic @ Pathways School Gurgaon

A family picnic is a great way to spend some quality and fun time with your family and friends.

What could be better than a day spent in the school with friends, parents and teachers all together! The air was full of energy and excitement. The event was organised with the objective of providing an opportunity to parents to share the gusto and verve with which children participate in school activities.

The day began with the story of ‘Ginger Bread Man’ – a puppet show. The story was enacted in an interactive way to ensure children’s participation.Cold cooking and painting, associated activities were done to create Ginger Bread Man.

Later everyone had a good timeduring music and dance session.

The team spirit of families was remarkable during sports activities. All enthusiastically participated in ball, balloons and rope games. ‘Tug of war’ turned out as high point of the event.

Sometimes it is important to take a break from the routine and spend time with our loved ones to create memories for life. A day well spent!

Diwali Celebration @ Orchid Petals

This week at ‘Early Years Pathways Orchid Petal ’we had ‘Diwali’ Celebration’- ‘The festival of lights’ The story of ‘Diwali’ was narrated through an AV show. A variety of fun filled activities were organized for the childrento enliven the real spirit of Diwali and help the children partake in the rituals and share the essence of ‘Togetherness’.
The children painted Diyas, made wall hangings. They actively participated in decorating the school and giving a ritualistic Diwali feel with diyas, wall hanging and rangoli.
A cooking activity was also done where we made ‘Coconut Ladoos,’ which the children relished.
On the day of the celebration, (Wednesday 22nd October 2014) the children came dressed in ethnic wear. They made rangoli,decorated the class and also danced to the song ‘Aayihai Diwali’, and ‘Diwali is here’. The planning and organizing of the celebration helped in developing a social bonding amongst children of different cultures.

Dusshera Celebrations @ Golf Course Road

This week, we celebrated Dusshera, Gandhi Jayanti and Eid at school. The children were made aware about the ways these festivals are celebrated through stories, rhymes, music s and dance. All classes participated, learnt and enjoyed the celebrations with a special assembly on Wednesday 1st October’2014.

The children came to school in colourful traditional clothes and were curious to see what was in store for them seeing the décor in the garden area. They were enthralled with the Ram-Leela enactment by the teachers; they were amused to see their teachers dressed up as various characters and were particularly fascinated by the costumes of Hanuman and Ravan, which seemed to be the highlight for them. Their expressions of surprise and shock when Ravan carried away Sita ji and the joy on their faces when Ram ji along with Hanuman wins back Sita ji were contagious.

The Nursery children were keen to perform and show ‘Dandiya dance’ for which they had been practicing. They were eager to perform and showcase their newly learnt Dandiya moves, the rest of us encouraged them by cheering and clapping. Some of the toddler’s children joined the performance spontaneously.

Children also enjoyed ‘Seviyan’ and were told the significance of it in relation to the celebration of Eid.

The children were happy to take home their Ravan craft which they made for Dussehra.

Day Camp @ Golf Course Road

God, when you chiselled a raindrop,
How did you think of a stem,
Bearing a lovely satin leaf
To hold the tiny gem?
How did you know a million drops,
Would deck the morning's hem?
-Angela Morgan
Camp Day at Golf Course Road, set the trail of thoughts in tune with nature of our young explorers.

As a part of theme - Earth’s Natural Cycles, ‘Summer Season’ is being explored by children of class Nursery. A ‘Day Camp’ in the school lawn area was organised to explore the same.The young campers came all set with their caps, sunglasses and summer clothing. From the moment they entered the school till dispersal time enthusiasm and excitement was at its peak.The camp offered children an opportunity to explore the live setting of the summer season, how requirements of our body change with fall/rise in temperature and how do we take care of these needs along with safety measures to protect our body. The experience was simple, full of fun and a great way to spend time outdoors.

Children started their day with introducing themselves through passing the parcel game. Children were engaged in various thrilling activities related to the theme. Numeracy and Literacy concepts were also revised through animal hunt game, quantification of dolls and nature walk.

The camp was culminated with music anddance sessions. Children also helped in cleaning and winding.The event provided a balanced blend of fun and learning.

The festive season is around the corner. To capture the beauty of the festivals and build the experiences that go the long way, the children were involved in various learning and fun activities. This week, we celebrated Navratri, Dusshera andDurga Pooja at school. The children were made aware about the ways these festivals are celebrated through stories, audio video shows and dance. The parents also volunteered to be a part of the celebration. On Wednesday, special assembly was organized to celebrate the festival. The children took part in various dance performances to showcase the different ways the festival is celebrated in the different parts of India. The Toddlers portrayed the Durga Pooja celebration through a dance performance. The Pre nursery performed on the action song to portray the Dusshera festival celebrated in the Northern part of India. The Nursery class performed the ‘Dandiya dance’, to show the Navratri celebration from Gujarat.

Doctor’s Visit @ Orchid Petals

This week at Pathways EarlyYears, Orchid Petal, we continued with the unit ‘People at work ‘with focus on ‘Doctor and his/her role in helping us’. This was done through AV show, PPT and dramatization. Children shared the experience of their visit to a doctor.

As part of the learning experience a ‘Dentist’ came to school and did the dental check-up of children. She explained the importance of dental hygiene and the steps required to be taken through the story ‘Happy tooth, sad tooth’

Field Trip to Post office @ Golf Course Road

A field trip to the local Post Office-Sector 56, Gurgaon was organised for Pre-Nursery children. It helped children establish real life connection with the Unit, ‘People at Work’, being done currently. Children made cards, put them in envelopes, pasted stamps and posted in the letter box at Post office.

With a quick stick of a stamp, children came to know about

  • What happens to the mail once it leaves the mail-box.
  • The letters we put in a letterbox are taken by postal vans to the post offices.
  • The letters are sorted out by postmen and sent to mailrooms. From there they are sent to their destinations by means of an aeroplane, train or bus.
  • Postmen collect letters from the post office and deliver them to us in our homes.

Relevant vocabulary related to Post was also enhanced with words such as stamps, inland letter, envelope, mail van and letter box.

The aim of the field trip was to appreciate the role of ‘A Post Man’ in establishing communication chain in a community.

Pajama Party @ Orchid Petals

Pajama Day is a popular classroom fun day. On our Pajama Party day, the children wore pajamas and slippers to school and have had fun participating in a pretend daytime "sleepover" with their classmates. slide 1 of 10

It was also a great way of tuning into the inquiry of ‘Day and night. The giggles of excitement and surprise had set the tone for a day of fun as the moment they stepped into their classroom which was free of all tables and chairs but it was dark with shining stars and moon dangling from the ceiling. During circle time we talked about the importance of sleep at night, animals that are active during the night, The community helpers who are active during the night for our safety, dreams, and even nightmares, through audio video aids.

When the children arrived at the school, we encouraged them to set up their pillows, bed sheets, favourite bedtime toy around the room. Later, they shared some ‘bedtime’ stories, played pillow games, drum charades and tapped their toes to the tunes of Moon dance. The Pajama Party concluded by sharing the Dinner together.

Show and Tell @ Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road

As a part of summative assessment for the unit ‘Plants’ a show and tell engagement was done by class Nursery children on 5th Sept 2014. Each child spoke 3-4 lines related to the theme covering scope of enquiry.

It was an elementary activity in which all children took an object related to the theme, showed it to the audience, and talked about it.
Children spoke about;

  • the parts of a plant
  • what all helps them grow
  • how they contribute to our survival
  • and it is our responsibility to conserve them.

This engagement helps children to develop their listening and speaking and appropriate social skills. For instance refraining from distracting the speaker, patiently waiting for your turn to speak at the same time focusing on what his/her friend is speaking about.

A few of them felt motivated by seeing their friends perform and took stage to share their ideas as well!

Forms of Water @ Orchid Petals

The inquiry of children was directed towards different forms of water. They observed water, ice and steam and did experiments to convert water into ice and steam. The story ‘Thirsty Rahul’ was enacted in the class to show the practical uses of different forms of water. An Audio-Visual show was also shown to give them an idea about where they can see various forms of water.

Toddlers’ field trip to Pathways School Gurgaon

Toddlers at Pathways Early Years, Golf Course road had a super-duper trip to Pathways School Gurgaon. From the moment they got onto the bus…the big yellow bus to the big…soccer field in their words, children had a roller coaster ride. It started with ‘Wheels of the bus’ and ended with ‘NeelaSamandar’ rhymes.

The visit was a part of the ongoing theme ‘Water’. Children were taken to the green stretch to water plants with a water hose. They experienced the pressure of water changing from mild to strong. They also saw small water fountains at the corporate office and were completely taken by surprise.

By next time they will be ready to dive into the pool and have some extra fun as well!!! Somebody wanted to feed the lion statue at the entrance and some other child was really eager to catch hold of a crawling insect and say Hi!

And guess what it rained while they were travelling back which resulted in slogans of ‘water, water, everywhere’. So every inch of the visit got connected with the theme!

Clay Modelling on Potter’s Wheel

Most children when given a piece of ordinary soft pottery clay are instinctively motivated to explore. They poke it, squeeze it, hit it, pick it up and pound it down. Each time they act on the clay, the clay adjusts and responds. For young children these changes are magical. They are naturally fascinated, and keep experimenting.

Every child needs experiences that match his or her developmental level, and a simple piece of soft clay is a perfect match if the child is ready. Children that are old enough to squeeze your finger can squeeze a piece of soft clay. If they can notice a change in the clay, they are learning that their actions have consequences.

It encourages experimentation. The child’s brain is taking shape along with the clay. Clay stimulates the child’s curiosity, intelligence, imagination, and creativity are engaged and fostered.

Working with clay develops the child’s large and small muscles. Clay and play dough activities are regularly incorporated as learning engagements at Pathways Early Years.

This time we decided to mark the session by doing it on a potter’s wheel.
Children started their day with a discussion on making clay models. Toddlers had great fun and enjoyed their experience with the potter’s wheel and created tumblers and caterpillars. Pre-Nursery and nursery children displayed their creativity and enthusiasm while making a model of ‘Ganesha’. They rolled, patted the clay with their palms, painted and decorated these models. The excitement was remarkable; children were overjoyed to take these models home to showcase these to their family and friends.

Field Trip to Botanical Garden at Golf Course Road

Plants sustain life and we share our planet with them. This idea is being explored by children of class Nursery, Pathways Early Years as a learning unit.

As a part of the same, children were taken for a field trip to Botanical Garden, Gurgaon on 1st August, 2014. The young learners not only discovered the beauty of nature, they also established connections between what all we get from plants, which part gives us fruits, from where do we het vegetables and herbs, which parts are edible and which parts are used for other purposes like wood, medicines and paper.

Children had been doing experiments and having hands on experiences through many interesting live projects. This was visible when they spotted some dry leaves an an immediate connection was established. The unanimous conclusion achieved was that ‘May be this tree did not get sufficient water, sun light and air’!

Numeracy and Literacy concepts were also revised through size gradation and colors of leaves, which they could not resist to collect.

Joyful learning in its true spirit!

Independence Day Celebration at Golf Course Road

“At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new...India discovers herself again."- Jawaharlal Nehru

The advent of the month of August fills new zeal and energy in the school campus. Independence Day celebration is one of the most awaited events in a school calendar.

This year as well children were enthusiastically looking forward to celebrate the same.

The week was full of celebrations. Children learnt about the relevance of Independence Day through stories, discussions, and visual display on Red Fort, Indian flag, Prime Minister and President of India along with other activities.

A ‘Special Assembly’ was organized to celebrate Independence Day on 14th August in school. Teachers did a short music and dance drama based on the ‘Freedom Struggle’. Children sang and danced to patriotic songs enthusiastically. The school echoed with the sounds of “Jai Hind”.

Summer Camp @ Golf Course Road

The journey was fun, we went under sea, strolled on the beach, flew over the sea in a hot air balloon…did we feel hot? Naah!!!

We were thrilled to look for pearls, to leave our footprints on the sand and to put colorful scales on the ‘Rainbow Fish’! Did we have fun…yaay!!!

The ‘Summer Camp’ went off like a celebration at ‘Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road’ for two weeks from 16th June -27th June 28, 2014.

The theme was ‘Beach and Sea’. Children were engaged in various thrilling activities related to the theme. The camp was culminated with an exhibition of children’s art work and a music, dance, drama performance based on the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’.

Children had a gala time performing and parents & grandparents were delighted!

“Excellent!” said Adit Chaudhary’s mom with moist eyes.

“The foot prints clay moulds are treasures for life.” said Asser’s mom.

“Art work done by children is exceptionally good.” said Raghav’s mom.

“Amazing performance and presentation of summer camp.” said Kiaan’s mom.

Summer Camp @ Orchid Petals

What could be better than soaking in water on a hot summer day? When, the mercury is rising, a beach like setting offers the best escape to relax and have fun. At Pathways Early Years, the theme of this year's two weeks summer camp was “The Beach”.

The camp offered children an opportunity to explore the live setting of the beach environment. An experience, where one could feel the warmth of the sun, the gentleness of water, softness of the sand and beauty of nature… an unforgettable moment leaving an everlasting imprint in the minds of the little ones.

The event was packed with speech, drama, dance and rhyme sessions. Children enthusiastically participated in the sessions, recited rhymes and songs connected to this theme. Children also engaged in various fun filled activities like craft work and cooking.

The event provided a good blend of fun and learning and was a grand success. The camp concluded with the showcase of children’s work and their performances.

Learning through Five senses at Golf Course Road

The outside world shapes children’s development through experiences that they have, which include using their five senses-hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch.

Children first start learning about the world by instinctively using their five senses. Sights, sounds, tastes, smells and tactile experiences all help stimulate a child’s cognitive development. Sensory play provides children with the experiences that strengthen their cognitive skills. That’s why it’s important to give youngsters plenty of opportunities to use their senses as they explore and interact with the environment.

A variety of experiences were facilitated to enhance the learnings through senses at Golf Course road branch as a part of the ongoing unit.

How does it feel? Hot, Cold, Hard, soft, rough, smooth and sticky were some of the textures felt!

What do you see? Sense of sight was enhanced through different activities like memory game of finding missing items and object hunt.

How does it taste? Tastes like - sweet, salty, bitter and sour were experienced.

How does it smell? The sense of smell was introduced through sniffing and smelling activity. Different objects were given, where children were able to differentiate between good and bad smell.

‘Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science’.

Earth Day at Golf Course Road

Earth Day is celebrated globally on 22nd April to create awareness about saving the Earth and its resources. The motto ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ was reinforced at Pathways Early Years, Golf course branch.

To mark the same, children went for a ‘Nature Walk’ to a nearby park. The experience was simple, full of fun and a great way to spend time outdoors.
The young explorers collected twigs, dry leaves and flowers in paper bags which were made using newspapers. The children expressed their gratitude by planting trees in the park and taking a pledge of taking care of our dear ‘Earth’.

‘We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.’ Let’s follow these lines and conserve natural resources.

Fun Day at Golf Course Road

The academic session came to an end with the ‘Fun Day’ celebration at Pathways Early Years, Golf Course Road. A special assembly was organized, where teachers dramatized the story of ‘The very hungry Caterpillar’ to sum up the unit on ‘Emotions and Feelings’. The play was enacted in an interactive way to ensure children’s participation. The act incorporated music, rhymes and dance.

Children were thrilled to see the caterpillar moving around, eating and sleeping in it’s cocoon. They merrily sang and danced to the songs. The high point was when they saw caterpillar turning into a butterfly and flying away!!!

Field Trip at Golf Course Road

A field trip was organised on 18th and 19th March 2014 for the children of Toddlers, Pre-Nursery and Nursery Grade for Pathways Early Years, Gurgaon, to ‘Anandgram Sanskriti Kendra’ on MG Road, New Delhi.

It comprises of three museums, namely The Museum of Everyday Art, displaying utensils and artefacts from Vedic Age. The Textile Museum, which has magnificent collection of textiles and The Terracotta Museum, showcasing various forms of terracotta handicrafts from all over India.

The place is lush green with ample open space. Not only the children enjoyed nature but also tried their fine motors skills at pottery-making with clay. The young potters proudly carried their magnificent artefacts back home.

Holi Celebration at DLF Phase 3

Children were dressed in Indian attire and all overjoyed with the celebrations of Holi in our branch, our children were so eagerly looking for this day.!
As part of experiential learning and to celebrate the festival of colours, our children prepared the special Indian sweet ”Gujjias” with the help of their facilitators. The children enjoyed rolling, stuffing and moulding the “Gujjias” They were later sent to the school kitchen for frying. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing Holi using flower petals.

Holi Celebration at Orchid Petals

The Pathways Early Years Orchid Petals organized an event on the occasion of Holi at the school campus christened HOLI KE RANG, EARLY YEARS KE SANG.

Holi is a time to deepen and strengthen relationships with friends, family and the community. The event was thus organised with a threefold objective - To give parents a glimpse of the gusto and verve with which their children participated in school activities; to involve the members of neighboring community in our celebration and to give all the participants a whale of a time.

A game corner, activity corner and food stall werethe highlights of the event. There were games like ‘Pickwith a toothpick’,‘Coin in the Glass’, ‘Ring the cone’ and so on. At the activity corner, parents along with the child made various craft items like cards, paper pichkaris and caps. Everyone let their hair down on the dance floor and gorged on delicious gujias and milkshakes.

The kids as usual had a blast. But the adults also participated with full enthusiasm and enjoyed every minute of it. They all left with a matki of gulal and a small parting gift to remember this celebration.

How We Express Ourselves at Orchid Petals

It has been said that, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” In continuation with the theme, ‘How we express ourselves’, the children of Nursery experienced the different feelings by observing the variety of presentations. The Classical and Bhangradance performances by the teachers brought the feeling of excitement and joy which was visible on the faces of children. The jingle on feelings, ‘We have feelings in our heart’, wasenjoyed by all the children. The action song, ‘If all the raindrops’ brought excitement and the element of surprise as they imagined all the raindrops as ice cream and chocolates. Later, It was a pleasure to see them dancing to the tune of the same. The children expressed themselves through clay modelling where they made different figures using their imagination. They were made aware about the feeling of anger and the ways to deal in a positive manner. It was displayed through a skit by the teachers and later by the children.

Story Narration

As a part of the on-going unit- ‘How we express ourselves’, the Nursery class celebrated the story week. The children brought their favourite storybook and narrated the story. As an extension of this activity, next week, the children came dressed as their favourite story character and narrated the story.They were involved in an oral discussion to share the reasons for liking the particular character.It helped them to develop their imagination, oratory skills and a sense of self –esteem. It was a pleasure to see them narrating the stories and listening to their peers with patience.

Dora Number Game at Orchid Petals

Recapitulation of numbers was done through a Dora Number Game.In this game, the children counted the circles, pasted on the chart and placed the correct number card in front it. This game helped the children to associate the quantity with the number.

Visit to a book store

As a part of the ongoing Unit to inculcate love for reading, Toddlers, Pre-Nursery and Nursery children were taken to the bookstore ‘Teksons’ in DT Mega Mall, Gurgaon on 12th and 13th February 2014. During the visit they browsed through the pictures of variety of books while pondering on their unit on ‘How we express ourselves’. Children pointed at the pictures which interested them and tried to identify and name a few characters. The visit was wrapped up with each child buying a story book


Pre Nursery


Literacy at Orchid Petals

The colour 'Purple' was introduced through demonstration of purple coloured objects. To reinforce the colour, the story 'The wise purple Brinjal' was narrated to the children through flash cards.

We played the game 'Let's help Mr. Brinjal' wherein children identified what's missing in the brinjal and helped him by giving purple colour.

A colour mixing activity was done wherein the children experimented with red and blue colour to get purple.

Christmas Carnival at DLF PH 3

Children ushered in the spirit of Christmas with “We wish you a merry Christmas” and finally the evergreen “Jingle Bells”. Santa Claus marked his presence by giving gifts to all the children after the Christmas party. It was a day of fun and frolic for the children. The pathways fraternity was all geared up to enliven the festive fervor. The carnival was celebrated in the school lawns where the festive spirit was seen. The children enjoyed playing games and doing some craft activities. The Christmas carnival beautifully got the entire family of Pathways Early Years DLF phase 3 together.

Republic Day Celebrations at DLF PH 3

Republic day was celebrated at DLF Ph3 on 24th January. All the children came dressed up in a tri colour clothes. Children were made to hoist the National flag in the school and sang the national anthem.

They were also shown an audio visual of the national anthem. Children made a book mark for themselves as a craft activity with tri colour confetti.

Republic Day Celebration

A special assembly to celebrate Republic Day was conducted on 24th January, 2014. Childern learnt about the importance of Republic Day. They listened to the bravey stories of National award recipients with great interest. Patriotic songs and the National Anthem was sung with lots of enthusiasm , followed by 'Jai Hind' slogans. After the celebration childern chose not to walk but march back to their respective class rooms like soldiers.

Annual Day Celebration at Orchid Petals

Pathways Early Years, Orchid Petals, Gurgaon bubbled up with activity when it celebrated its second Annual Day function in the school’s Atrium at Pathways School Gurgaon, Baliawas on 21st December,2013.

The Annual Day is a fun filled festive day for the children where the proud parents get a chance to witness their child’s performance. Events like Annual function are marked by the involvement of all the children and help them to get rid of their stage fright thereby making them more confident and outgoing in the process. Each child is exposed to the stage performing in front of the large audience.

Nearly 300 people gathered on 21st December, 2013 at PSG, Baliawas to attend the Annual function. It was indeed a pleasant sight to see people of every age group together showing their utmost affection, love, support and dedication to the school and for their young ones. The morning started with welcome of Chief Guest by Nursery students with Bouquet Presentation followed by speech of Mrs. Paramjit Narang, School Director.

The function began with the beautiful prayer, performed by the youngest members of our school family, our infants who thanked God for everything and celebrated the beauty and power of God. In order to imbibe and inculcate the value of sharing among our young Pathwazians, the teachers at Early Years, OP decided to showcase the talent of the kids through an inspirational and motivational Award winning story of ‘Rainbow Fish’.

The highlight and the beauty of the program was the underwater feel which could be perceived right from the invitation card, to the decorations done with all the sea creatures cutouts, the food arrangements, the cliffs underwater decorated with pearls and shells and weeds, the teacher’s dress code, the appreciation pond and the beautiful underwater songs compelled the audience to dive into the ocean along with children who were dressed into colourulful sea creatures.

Students exhibited their hidden talent and emotions by performing on different dance tunes including some hip hop, that filled the environment with great joy and enthusiasm .It was a pleasure to watch all the Nursery students saying their dialects so very confidently on the mike.

The programme ended with the great finale presentation where the children truly showed the ‘Generation of smiles across miles’ by their splendid and colorful performance.

Principal, Ms. Reena Singh concluded the program with her Vote of thanks.

Christmas Carnival at DLF PH 3

Children ushered in the spirit of Christmas with “We wish you a merry Christmas” and finally the evergreen “Jingle Bells”. Santa Claus marked his presence by giving gifts to all the children after the Christmas party. It was a day of fun and frolic for the children. The pathways fraternity was all geared up to enliven the festive fervor. The carnival was celebrated in the school lawns where the festive spirit was seen. The children enjoyed playing games and doing some craft activities. The Christmas carnival beautifully got the entire family of Pathways Early Years DLF phase 3 together.

Centre Stage Program

Everychild is a born actor. Traits of copying,imitating and mimicking others are inherent in every child. How this quality can be leveraged to develop a child’s vocabulary, cognitive abilities, language- speech and reading is the hallmark of ‘Centre Stage’.‘Centre Stage’ is a program that develops the above skills to bring out a confident child.

A demo session of ‘Centre Stage’ was conducted by Mr Jimmy at all the branches of Early Years,Pathways to help parents understand the linkage of drama to development of the above skill sets and how the same can be practically adopted in the day to day routine. The Program is offered for children from 2.5yrs onwards, every Thursday at Pathways Early Years,Orchid Petals.

Experiential Learning

DLF phase 3

As we believe a lot in experiential learning we took the children of DLF Ph 3 to a Metro Ride. They boarded the train from "Guru Dronacharya" metro station and got off at "Arjan Garh" station .The children observed how tickets from a ticket counter are bought .Some safety rules were also discussed like waiting behind the yellow line, no eating or drinking, no cameras allowed in the metro and no leaning against the door.

To enhance the fine motor skills in toddlers we encourage them to tear and paste bits of paper to stick on the template of a truck.

This natural interest in transportation is something they experience in their lives brings life to the theme and our preschool classrooms. Preschool children learn through play. Providing hands-on activities in all in our classrooms with a theme in mind will draw them in to play and learn!

Diwali Celebration

DLF phase 3

Diwali was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour at our Pathways Early Years DLF Phase 3. All children came up in traditional Indian clothes and enjoyed watching the dramatization of a skit done by the facilitators that emphasised why Diwali is celebrated.

As part of our Diwali celebrations, we engaged children in a non-gas cooking experience. They helped us in binding "besan ladoos". Children loved exploring the texture of the mixture by tasting and eating it. They also rolled the wheat dough to make some "mathris".

Here's wishing all our parents a very Happy Diwali from our team at Pathways Early Years DLF Phase 3.

Diwali Celebration

Orchid Petals

This week we celebrated Diwali 'colors of light' with gaiety and enthusiasm in the school. We had a Diwali Fete. The school was decorated with diyas, lanterns and bandhanvar. Traditional mela ambience was created through multicolored flags tied to the strings. Various counters were set up in the school which included Kathputli dance, games like 'Wake up the Kumbhkaran,.

Hoopla fun, Making Ladoos, and creative corners etc. Children enjoyed making Diwali cards using marigold flowers and decorated their diya's with glitters, mirrors and sequences.

Land Transport

Orchid Petals

Transport: We guided children’s inquiry into ‘Land Transport’. The children went for a bus ride to observe different vehicles on the road. They saw vehicles like car, scooter, tractor, rickshaw, crane, truck and many more. Their attention was drawn towards the size and the speed of the vehicles. They also explored the toy models of different land vehicles. Later, the children reflected upon their learning and answered questions like:

  • Which vehicles did you see on the road?
  • What are the common features amongst them?
  • What is the shape of a wheel?
  • What will happen if the wheels are not circular?

Children were also made aware of animal transport—horse cart and bullock cart. To give them a feel of this, children explored the 3D model of a horse cart.

Dussehra Celebration

Orchid Petals

We celebrated Dussehra at school on Friday, October 11th, 2013. The children came dressed in Indian traditional wear. The school was decorated with rangoli, flowers and lights. The significance of ‘Dussehra’ was illustrated through dramatization by the teachers. The children understood that the true sense of celebrating ‘Dusshera’ is to relinquish the evil in our mind and embrace the path of righteousness and truth.

The children also made a ‘Ravan’ puppet as part of the celebration.


Orchid Petals

The children took a round of the school premises and observed the school helpers (nannies, gardener, guard and cook) performing their duties. The children saw the nannies serving food, cleaning the class and packing up their bags. They visited the school garden and observed the gardener watering the plants and maintaining the garden. At the school gate, children observed the guard managing the traffic at the gate, helping children into the school and stopping strangers from entering. They went to the school kitchen and saw the cook preparing breakfast.

Later, the children reflected upon the activities of the helpers and answered questions like 'How does our didi and Cook help us?', 'What can we do for our didi?', 'How can we help the gardener?' and 'What will happen if there is no guard at school?' Through observations and role play the children developed appreciation for the school helpers. The week culminated with 'garlands' for the nannies and 'thank you notes' for the other helpers. Through this exercise, we opened the window of values and a world of Magical Words (Thank you, Sorry, Please, May I, Excuse me) to the children. They were encouraged to use these Magical Words in their conversations with others.

Learning with fun at Daycare

Orchid Petals

Welcome to Pathways Daycare

At the Daycare, we have programs designed to engage the children in various fun and learning programs .

Our curriculum comprises of the following:

  • Brain storming exercises to enhance cognitive skills.
  • Painting and Art work to develop creative skills
  • Story telling session to develop linguistic and social skills
  • A variety of fun filled activities like music,dance,drama,indoor and outdoor play to provide
    intellectual stimulation and recreation

IB Learner's Profile - Attributes

Golf course road

Pathways Early Years strives to acquaint children with the 'IB Learner's Profile' attributes through experiential learning from a very young age. The first six years of a children are very important for their emotional and social development. This is why we consciously begin to inculcate these attributes in students from their early years. We strongly believe that these attributes hold true at any age for all human beings. It gives us great pride to see these young children at Pathways acquire these attributes in their day to day life.

Land Transportation

Golf course road

To show the different methods of travel and to familiarize the children with land transportation, we did a number of activities and discussed about two, three and four wheelers seen on the road. Students got to compare a cycle with a motor cycle, a rickshaw with an auto, a vegetable cart with an ice cream cart and were made to understand about motorized and non-motorized vehicles. They were told about how fumes from engines pollute the environment, and how engines make the transport faster and quicker. They also compared the different kinds of vehicles observing the similarities and differences between them.

Students also enjoyed exploring the four-wheeler car. They learnt about the different features of a car such as their four wheels, bonnet, seat belt, fuel tank, boot, horn, wipers, number plate, brakes and many more. We also discussed about the fuel it runs on. They also had fun going on a metro ride and enjoyed getting a ticket and using it individually to get inside the station.

They were also talked to about road safety rules, speed breaker, traffic lights and zebra crossing. Children went for a visit to the traffic park where traffic rules was reinforced and we discussed about the consequences of disobeying the traffic rules.

Place the fish in the ocean

Orchid Petals

During the discussion on Aquatic theme, the children played a game, "Put the fish in the ocean". Teachers started the game by narrating a story-

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman.He was very good in fishing. One day he caught so many fishes and left them on the beach to dry. All the fishes were crying for help, they wanted to go back into the ocean.

Then children were divided into two teams. They had to cross the hurdles and collect as many fishes as possible and put them back in the ocean. The teamwho places the maximum number of fishes in the ocean, is the winner.


Golf Course Road

Janamashtmi – the birth of Lord Krishna was celebrated in school on Tuesday. The children heard the story of Lord Krishna's birth. Other stories related to Krishna's naughty antics as a child were enjoyed by them. Butter ( Krishna's favourite ), was made by the children as a group and they enjoyed eating it with 'parantha'. They made their own Mukuts (Crowns). Our small Radhas and Krishnas looked breathtaking. They also observed the tableau and the decorated swing with Baby Krishna on it. They watched the 'handi' being broken, filled with make believe butter.

Rakhi Celebrations

Golf Course Road

Rakhi was celebrated at school with full gusto. Children made their own Rakhis and decorated them before tying them. The children also made coconut ladoo's (indian sweet) which they enjoyed eating and carried home too.

Rice Relay Race

Orchid Petals

During the recapitulation on letter R, the indoor revision was done by A.V show, making of R- Collage& Ribbon dance. To make the learning more enthusiastic, the letter R was reinforced by playing RICE RELAY RACE. Relay races are not just great ways to get kids outside and moving, but also teach the value of competition and cooperation to achieve a common goal, thereby enhancing their social skills.

Janmashtami Celebrations

Orchid Petals

We celebrated Janmashtami in the school on 27th Aug.The entire school was decorated with krishna’s posters (made by the children), feathers, flutes and flowers. The play area of the school was also decorated wherein the children enjoyed the ‘Radha-krishnajhoola’ and the tradition of ‘Dahi-Handi’. Children were told the significance of Janmashtami through the story of Krishna. They were also shown the real objects like Flute, Matki, Makhan and Peacock feather. Children had fun making makhan in the class by churning the cream in the claypot and tasted it along with mishri. They also made krishna’s crown as a craft activity.

EID Celebrations

Orchid Petals

The children celebrated EID—UL– FITR at school by sharing their toys and clothes with the neighbourhood friends. They served ‘sweet seviya’ to their friends. The children also made a ‘star—moon mobile’ craft as a part of the celebration.

Celebrating the spirit of Independence

DLF Phase 3

On account of India’s Independence Day, we discussed with children what it is to be independent. Children also identified the tricolour flag, watched the kites being flown and engaged in making their own flags to take home. They also sang patriotic songs and spoke about the National flag, the bird and song.

Independence Day Celebration

Orchid Petals

On 14th August 2013, we celebrated Independence Day in the school. A special assembly was conducted where the children spoke about freedom fighters, sang patriotic songs and danced to the tunes as well. They also spoke aboutthe National flag, tree, bird, animal, flower, song and sport. The whole exercise was meant to empower children to get first -hand knowledge about India's Independence and history.

Kitchen Garden

Golf Course Road

These are pictures of our kitchen garden. The children watched the gardener sow seeds in the garden, a month back and after observing different stages of each plant they saw the vegetables grow and plucked them. They enjoyed eating the cucumber after peeling it in class. They have given the lady fingers and spinach to the cook to make a dish for their meal.

Sense of Smell

Orchid Petals

Pathways Early Years – DLF Phase 3

As part of unit on "Who we are", Prenursery children explored how we use our sense organs. To discuss the olfactory function, a smelling station was made where the children smelt coffee, incense, perfume, candles, spices, peanut butter etc. Another similar activity called "Smelling Jars" was undertaken where the children had to close their eyes and then guess the smell. We discussed the sense of smell and its importance by asking them what things they liked to smell and what things they didn't like to smell.

The children this week had an opportunity where they were engaged in an non gas cooking experience. They observed and some of the children volunteered to make the "Apple Crumble". This was a great learning experience as they were engaged in mixing the flour with the butter, oats and sugar and later on some apple chunks mixed with cinnamon and clove powder was mixed which was later placed in a baking tray .As this was being baked in the oven the aromatic experience of smelling the apple with cinnamon was wonderful.

Helping bake aromatic apple crumple pie

Trying to identify different smells

Sense of smell

Activity for this week