Pathways Early Years

Inside every infant

Is an adult

waiting to grow.

About us

From birth up to six years of a child's life, is the most crucial learning period which becomes a reference for all future behaviour, experiences and personality development.

“I wonder what mud tastes like?”

“What is this soft, fluffy thing?”

“Can I crawl under that table?”

All children are naturally curious. Our learning programme stimulates their interest, making them learners for life. Through play, our children develop into confident communicators, problem solvers and thinkers. We bring our experience with the International Baccalaureate programme of enquiry to shape our Pathways Early Years. It's the best pre-school preparation your child could have.

Our comprehensive Early Years Curriculum features activities and equipment designed for the development of gross and fine motor coordination. Hands on activities that are appropriate for children at this age are planned and incorporated into our daily routines. This curriculum is focused on individualized care and attention to build strong foundations of love and security.